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Featuring our first product release
The “CANDO”  Recording by
The CANDO Kids


Comments from around the CANDO World.

  • “My 3-year old is officially a “Can-Do-Kid”, singing (it) by heart, along with her favorite song – “Grandma & Grandpa” which she plays at TOP volume. (I also know all the songs by heart!) – Kathi Goertzen, News Anchor – KOMO 4 Television Seattle, WA
  • “The messages in the Can-Do-Kids’ songs are so important not just for kids, but for everyone to hear and to take to heart.” – Dave Anderson, (Washington) State Representative, 10th Legislative District
  • “It’s no secret that kids are influenced by their peers – I am glad to hear that the Can-Do-Kids are reaching out to other kids with such hip, positive messages.” –  Christine O. Gregoire Washington State Governor.
  • “…whereas the Can-Do-Kids have come together to communicate through their music, dynamic and positive messages such as being the BEST you can be, family unity, caring for our environment, and working together for a more peaceful world …”  – Resolution No. 389: Proclamation, South Whidbey School District No. 206
  • “… focused on our younger population, the ideals and philosophy behind “CAN DO!” are positive role models for ALL ages.”
    Edna M. Hansen, Ph.D, Early Childhood Development and Research
    Adjunct Faculty Seattle Pacific University
    Washington State Field Advisor, Honolulu University of the Arts, Sciences and Humanities
  • “CAN DO!” ’s inspiration to deliver character education through music is both appealing and clever … after noting the significant number of endorsements … it is clear that others agree.” – STECK-VAUGHN Elementary-Secondary-Adult-Library
  • “The lyrical content … production, and quality of music … are fresh and catchy. Kids should accept, relate, enjoy!”
    Dr. Roger Farr, Chancellors’ Professor of Education
    Director for the Center for Innovation Assessment, Indiana University
    (Former) President, International Reading Association (IRA), (Former) Director, Center for Reading and Language Studies
  • “ The CAN DO! CD provides a positive message to kids … the music and singing is stimulating learning by providing vocabulary development and patterning. This would be an excellent tool in preschools or for parents at home or to keep in the car …” – Linda Varner,Teacher, Gifted School Program Grades 4 through 6/Emerson Elementary, Snohomish,WA
  • “…As a First Grade teacher, I am looking forward to enriching many of my units with individual songs from the album. Good luck to you all. You have some educational and fun songs to share.”  – Beverly Wills, 1st Grade Teacher South Whidbey School District
  • “In my 12 years of teaching elementary music, I have rarely heard a children’s album of this quality. The storytelling style … gives the listener a sense of connection to the performers and the message of each song has strong family and environmental values. This (CD) helps raise the standards of music appreciation, something I believe this country needs more of. The “CAN DO!” album can truly enhance the minds of children (and adults)!” – Kim Morris, Elementary Music Specialist South Whidbey School District
  • “Kiwanis is very concerned about our youth and we feel that the Can-Do-Kids album can be very instrumental in helping young children to build self-esteem.” – South Whidbey Kiwanis
  • “… I liked the attention to environmental and safety concerns and the message that children CAN empower themselves to do or be what they want to be. My training as an early childhood professional … includes positive, self-esteem and the “Can Do!” attitude that is pushed so much on the CD. I suggest that this album be marketed to families.” – Esther Iles, Teacher, So. Whidbey Children’s Center/Child Development Associate
  • “… the music is lively, emphasizes a positive attitude and key subjects with each song, like our ecosystem, the importance of our grandparents, and safety among strangers. Each song seems to be written to stimulate positive introspection about foundational subjects for children. The encouragement of a CAN DO attitude in such an
    easy-to-understand, enjoyable format so vital to our youth.” – Fred Geisler, President & CEO, Body America, Inc.
  • “ I suggest the album be used for bus drivers for elementary students … my own children want the album”- Julie Staley (Mother of 12 and 9 year old)
  • “This music inspires young children and their parents to interact and sing and dance together … it encourages youngsters to feel good about themselves and life in general and also to respect their parents and adults. It also teaches awareness of adults with undesirable motives (“A Stranger Can Be Danger” song).” – Tony Shults, Professional Artist andFather of 7 and 10 year olds
  • “The album would be a good teaching tool for pre-school aged children .”Bill Shia, grandparent of 3 yr.old
  • “I knew it was a MUST for my daughter. She loves the songs! With products like yours to back up our teachings, entertain and educate, my daughter will grow up to be the kind of parent that I’m trying so hard to be with her…” – Tami Hornshaw (Mother of 4 year old)
  • “… we love these songs, are proud of what you do, and of the role you play in leading those of your generation to build a more peaceful world!” – M.A.V.I.A. (Mothers Against Violence In America)

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